Some of My Songs That Have Attached Themselves to the Fabric of My Life.

Need a little bit of inspiration? Check out these awesome songs and artists who have touched my life in some way.

About Me

Hello! I’m Nick and this is one of my little homes on the web. I am a technophile who loves coffee, good food, beautifully written words, poetry, storytelling, photography, sewing, cooking, and bowling.

In this site, you will find my writing, my photography, some wonderfully poignant quotes, my recipes, and music that makes you smile or think. This site is the essence of who I am and I hope you find something here you love.

I hope you enjoy it here. I sure do.

All content and copyrights are mine except where attribution has been provided.

I presently reside in Seattle, Washington.

For collaboration requests, you can reach me at schnik00 at

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