Quote of the Day – Alfred Stieglitz on Today

Today’s quote is inspired by the World Domination Summit going on in Portland, Oregon. I’m not there but many of my friends are and I’m watching from afar. Seems like such a powerful thing, to live in the moment, and it’s maybe the hardest thing to do. Welcome to Portland WDSers! I have always been…

Photo of the Day – We Bring The Boom

That’s certainly truthful of the fireworks extravaganza I went to this past Independence Day. There were fireworks all over the place. Here’s just a couple I saw.

Photo of the Day – RO(Y)ad G. BIV

I hope you’ll pardon the title. I thought I was being clever. This photo, taken the other day, was interesting to me as it seems to have every color in the spectrum in it. It caught my eye.

Photo of the Day – Portland at Night

A walk across the Hawthorne Bridge at night provided this great photo, and with a little photo-editing, I made it a little more artistic. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Photo of the Day – A Bright Idea

This “photo a day” thing has really caused be to stop and look around, it’s caused me to think about what I’m seeing and how I can share them with you. This photo had me staring at the frame for a while, when I took the photo I was pretty pleased.

Photo of the Day – Saturday Sunburst Summer Seasons

From an event this weekend past. I was hanging out with some friends, including some drag queens. This photo is of a friend of mine, I’m off to the side, the sunlight was in the way, but made a pretty awesome shot.

Photo of the Day – Hawthorne Lift

The Hawthorne Bridge, on a sunny day, and the mechanism that makes it lift. Just thought the color balance was interesting. I hope you think so, too! A little red, white and blue to brighten your day.

Photo of the Day – Coffee

I love this photo. There’s a skill to coffee art. I’m not talented at it myself, but I live in Portland. There are some great artisan baristas here.

Photo of the Day – Making Your Own Fortune

Or conversely, seeing what’s inside your cookie. LOL — This photo came from a coffee shop I was at recently. I was talking with some friends and I noticed these poor cookies, unopened, with no one around. I guess they didn’t want to know their fortune, they just wanted to imagine what’s inside.