Photo of the Day – A Bottle of Ripple

I’m longing for a beach trip. Somewhere to getaway for a little bit of rest and relaxation. I know this is because I’m only two weeks into the term at school and I have another nine to go. So today, I bring you a piece of the beach so come along for the ride.

Photo of the Day – Seaside Sunstream

There are many things I enjoy about his photo. Taken with my regular camera in Sunset mode. I just stood there taking photos until I saw one I liked. I love that there are so many subtle things going on in this photo. From a trip to Seaside, Oregon.

Photo of the Day – Foamy Lines on the Beach

I took a trip to the coast over New Year’s Eve weekend. I took a bunch of pictures. This one particularly said “hi,” to me. There’s something about messing with the lines of reality that is a little fun. Hope you enjoy it, too!

Photo of the Day – Golden Sunsets

As we’re getting closer to the end of the year I always think about how it’s a sunset of sorts on a year completed. I was in Seaside, Oregon earlier and spent near 45 minutes on the beach taking photos of the sunset trying to catch the perfect shot. I think this is as close…