Photo of the Day: Streaked Trees

Wow. It was raining hard when I took this photo. I couldn’t see through the window as the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult to make out the tree in the distance. These aren’t April showers, they’re May downpours.

Photo of the Day – What’s the 411?

Heh. I saw this the other day and couldn’t believe it was there. I thought these were an extinct creature. Then I noted that today, 4/11, is what kids nowadays use as “what’s the info?” I thought it was appropriate, here’s the 411 on old technology. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Crooked And Tall

Looking up into the sky, I caught this beautiful sight. While it wouldn’t look nearly as exciting in color – well, maybe the blue skies behind it would have – I thought, in black and white, it was striking and enjoyable.

Photo of the Day: Winter Portland Snowfall 2008

There was a large snowstorm in 2008. Since Portland has no real way to deal with major snowfall. I was trapped in my home for 4 days. The roads were impassable. I took some photos to document it.