Photo of the Day – Razor Thin

Today’s photo of the day is from a walk though Portland yesterday. The summer sun is out, blue skies everywhere and this cool reflection from the barbed wire.

Photo of the Day – United States Navy

These beautiful ships have been docked in Portland, Oregon for the last couple of days as part of the Portland Rose Festival’s fleet week. Sadly, I remember when they stayed for 10 days…

Photo of the Day – Flags Guarding the Coast

This is still “Fleet Week” in Portland, Oregon. However, the United States Navy gets all the PR for being here; But, the United States Coast Guard, while protecting the Naval Ships, has a couple ships in port, too. So, I thought they should get a bit of a shout out, also. Thank you for your…

Photo of the Day – A Storm on the Horizon

I went for a little drive on my lunch break down Marine Drive, next to the Columbia River. I stopped because I noticed this vast storm brewing, I couldn’t help but notice the whole scene. The Glenn Jackson Bridge is in the distance, Washington on your right, Oregon on your left. Also, this is my…

Photo of the Day – Mount Hood Zoom

It’s been amazing and beautiful weather in Portland, Oregon. This photo, taken near the Portland International Airport is one of the many reasons I love living in Portland. This giant mountain stands pretty during the sunny weather.

Photo of the Day – Three Flags in the Wind

It says exactly what it is – three flags in the wind, but there’s something about this shot that stands out to me. Is it because the color perception is different? Is it artistic? I don’t know, I just like it. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Crooked And Tall

Looking up into the sky, I caught this beautiful sight. While it wouldn’t look nearly as exciting in color – well, maybe the blue skies behind it would have – I thought, in black and white, it was striking and enjoyable.

Photo of the Day – Cloud Peeping

Today’s photo spoke to me; it reminded me that even when you’re knee-deep in just about everything that life can throw at you, and there are clouds on the horizon. There’s still blue skies ahead. Even when you’re surrounded by darkness. I hope you see that too.

Photo of the Day – Caesar’s Palace

I recently took a winter trip to Las Vegas. It was very cold, which reminded me, I took a summer trip, too. This looks nice and toasty. Don’t mind the naked statue.