Quote of the Day – Dean Koontz on What Matters Most

There are so many things going on in my life lately and I’m not complaining about being so busy, some days I’m worried that I miss out on those things that matter most. Luckily I have people who care and people who cheer me on. When I’m the most tired they help me get through…

Quote of the Day – Alan Dean Foster on Chaos

My company is moving today. It seems that I’m one of the only people trying to accomplish something other than packing boxes. The rest is just chaos. Freedom is just Chaos, with better lighting. – Alan Dean Foster Photo used under creative commons, thanks nickwheeleroz!)


I’m not a control freak by any stretch of the imagination. At any given moment there is some sort of chaos in my life. (Used under creative commons, thank you Royal Olive!) Right now, I feel there is a lot of chaos. A little more than I’m used to. It’s little bits, here and there….