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A New Schnikism: Ken

I’ve got a great job. But, it’s hard work. And tonight, I stayed late, frustrated that some seemingly simple task was taking me forever and keeping me from spending time with my loved ones. So frustrated, was I, when I left work that in my head I was talking to myself as I walked to the bus, trying to think of a way to make it better. I entrenched in my thoughts, angered, tired and ready to go home.

As I walked, man stopped me on the street. He held up a paper and I immediately thought he was asking for directions. Impatiently I listened to him, looking for a way to cut him off as he launched to his tale of how he was down on his luck, really tired of living on the streets and trying to get into a local work program. One that would allow him to stay off the streets, get a shower, shave and regular haircuts.  At first, I just wanted him to stop talking and let me say, “I’m sorry, I can’t help,” so I could get on my way. I was cold and tired, ready to go home.

As I listened to his story, there was something about him; his honesty, his frankness, and a little something in his eyes as he looked me square in mine. “Tonight, I’m just trying to get a bed at a hostel for the night. I have spent all day gathering cans and bottles and have worked my way to up to five bucks. I know you’re busy, I know you want to get home, I just need a few bucks so I can reach my goal.”

While he was speaking, it sunk in; I have a great life, I have had some amazing things happen to me this year. I have been blessed and I have been fortunate. Before he could finish, I reached for my wallet and handed him the last cash I had, it was only fifteen bucks, a moment earlier I was trying to decide if I was going to stop at Starbucks for my five-dollar coffee. I thought spending my money this way was a much better investment.

When I handed him the money, he looked at me with a bit of astonishment and gratitude. He stuck out his hand and shook mine. “Thank you sir, my name is Ken and I really appreciate your generosity. Thank you for believing in me, I won’t let you down. Merry Christmas.”

It took me a moment to catch my breath, I wished him a Merry Christmas as well and headed on my way to catch my bus. In that moment, my whole night changed.

I know you won’t Ken.


Viva Las Vegas! My Vacation – In Pictures

As you saw from yesterday’s post, The Fountains of Bellagio, I was recently in Las Vegas for vacation. I love Vegas, but it can be a little overstimulating. So much to see and do.

There are some really cool things if you open your eyes and take a quick look around. I wanted to share some of the sights with you. The rest you can see on my flickr page.

A view of the horizon from the Horizon plane!

Amazingly enough, even in December, Las Vegas has blue skies!

The food in Vegas is amazing. This little delight came from the Flamingo Garden Buffet.
Fruit Tart

Something about this picture, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, reminds me of an 80’s Bangles song.
Blue Water venetian hotel las vegas

At the Venetian Hotel’s Christmas in Venice scene, they had a Christmas Tree that easily could have doubled for a Lady Gaga outfit.
venetian hotel las vegas Christmas Tree

I came across this fountain, it’s glimmering water and various coinage called to me.
Fountains of change venetian hotel las vegas

And sometimes, you can even find a serpent in the water.
Bellagio Fountain


“You can’t be alone on Christmas”

I heard this many times in the last week. I didn’t have any plans for Christmas. My family is close and we planned to have Christmas on New Years Day. So I didn’t have any plans for Christmas.

christmas tree 2004 (Used under creative commons licensing. Photo Credit: Scottfeldstein)

As I woke up on Christmas day. Not having any plans, I decided to go to church. I never go to church. The last time I stepped foot in a church, not counting Weddings, Funerals or a Christmas Pageant, was far too long to recall. I fired up the googles and found a church in the area. My friend who called me to see what I was doing, decided to go with me.

Having not gone to church in a while, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Though, I didn’t expect it to be so empty, nor did I expect to be the youngest person in the room by about two decades.

It did feel weird being the only person in the entire room who didn’t take communion. That garnered a little more that a couple weird looks.

There were a couple of things I took away from being at this particular church. We all seek to be a part of something greater. We all seek to understand and you’re not alone, ever. Especially not at Christmas.

Crowd (Used under creative commons. Photo By: James Cridland)

Happy Elven Christmas

I couldn’t resist. Please feel free to watch for a serious giggle. 🙂

My little elf dance

I promise it’s worth a look-see.

Shopping Anyone?

Being at home is bad.

Me being stuck at home, is really bad.

With all my forced free time, I’ve been shopping. There is nothing like digging through some of my favorite websites’ clearance sections for things I’m sure I do not need, but suddenly, I want.

Some of my favorites: (In No Particular Order)

www.Walmart.com (Don’t judge me!)
www.gilt.com (If you like labels, you MUST sign up for this website. Here’s a link to sign up, if you want. CLICK ME

Those are just a few. I’ve also done some Christmas shopping.

I just have too much free time.