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Speech: Final Persuasive

Finally. I’m done with all my classes for the term. This makes me happy.

While I would love to rant and rave on and on about how fantastic I was. I really don’t have the energy and I’m really just glad this term is over. Hopefully I can relax for the next two weeks, before we start all over again.

For those who have been riveted. I wanted to put up my final speech. I know my final grade already and I’m pleased with the outcome.


The beginning of the speech, for the first minute, I showed the following clip, feel free to watch it before the speech.

And without further ado?

My final speech, a persuasive on why voting is important.


What to speak about?

Next weekend is my first speech in my Public Speaking class. I’m physically ill. Not because I’m supposed to stand in front of a group of strangers, not because i’m supposed to speak for 5 minutes, not even that I know this will be recorded so I can see what it is that I do – good or bad – (And yes, i’ll probably upload it here for you to see). I’m physically ill because I have to come up with a significant moment where I learned something and that would make a great story… My teacher has said, “This speech should write itself”, which explains why nothing comes to mind.

More to come – or I’ll crash in flames….

Classwork: Change

I’m trying to remember that I have a blog, I rarely write here anymore, so much so, I almost forgot my password. LOL

For one of my classes we had to take a quote and write what it meant to us. I was particularly pleased with what I wrote and thought it was relevant, so I decided to publish it here. If you’re not from Oregon, I urge you to look up the voter turnout for your state. Are you paying attention? (Information source: http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/may162000/stats.pdf

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– I find myself being pulled in two directions while evaluating this quote.

The first thing that comes to mind is a statement which outlines the opposite of the above quote. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. What I mean by that is, with one small voice a person can incite a large group to action. It’s even more prevalent now with the instant nature of information.

The second thing that comes to mind is how disaffected people are today. There is so much that goes on in our world that people of all ages become disinterested. With instant access to news we should be more vocal, more informed and less willing to accept the status quo, but we are complacent. Oregon, which has a traditionally high voter turnout rate for general elections, suffers tremendously in a primary election situation. Eligible voter turnout comparatively: (From the Secretary of State’s website: http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/other.info/stelec.htm)

Year:        General:     Primary:
1996        71%        38%
2000        80%        51%
2004        86%        46%
2008        86%        59%

I only grabbed statistics for years where there are presidential elections, but as you can see, there is a reason the government picks primary elections to add funding/tax measures to the system; less people are interested in the election, so it is easier to pass.

Balance, It’s Delicate

The last few weeks have been difficult and stressful for me. Not because I dislike things, but because I like too much.

Even Balance Can be Slippery**

I like my job, in fact, I really love my job. But, it has been really busy. We’ve got a lot going on. I like being busy.

I like that I’m going back to school. I’m spending a lot of time doing homework and spending a lot of time in class.

I like my friends. This is one place where I could use a little more effort. Why? Because I no longer have the time I used to in order to connect with them. Everything feels rushed, or that I have time to spend with one instead of another. We all make choices.

I’ve got an incredibly packed schedule. I haven’t found the right balance yet in order to really enjoy my time. I’m not overwhelmed, but I’m certainly feeling the burden. I’ve had a lot of venting lately. I’ve certainly had some serious frustration. I’m working through it. I might take a little bit more on next term, but I’m pretty certain I can handle it.

To all those things in my life; my friends, my family, my personal and professional lives, You know I’m making my life better. You’re making my life better. We shall all be enriched in the long run. We just take on the difficult to know what we are capable of.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Fortunate indeed, is the man who takes exactly the right measure of himself, and holds a just balance between what he can acquire and what he can use.Peter Mere Latham*

*Quote provided by my favorite quote source – www.qotd.org

**Photo by Annais, used under Creative Commons licensing

More Writing (Down with homework)

My latest assignment for my Writing class was to write a nonsensical five-paragraph essay. It’s to illustrate our confidence in the structure of an essay and that we are able to create and write properly. Here’s what I chose, I hope my teacher has a good sense of humor.

Writing Homework is Hazardous to Students

Since the dawn of time humans have used many forms to communicate with others. The earliest humans used grunts and brute force to impress their point upon another. Since the invention of the “Written word”; students have been tortured to memorize word structure, formatting and proper choice of words. Until recently, the perception that constant structured repetitious use of essays, story writing and word usage tests caused students to further communicate with others. This contradictory report claims Writing and writing homework is bad for students because; Writing causes neurological paranoia in students, Writing causes repetitive stress injuries to the hands and wrists, and finally; Writing homework is the number one cause of social life deficiency in students. Students’ lives would be much easier if writing homework wasn’t a part of the school experience.

Looking over your shoulder and being stricken with panic are not the only recognized forms of paranoia. Students who take writing classes are often paralyzed with fear of being judged. Dr. Willis, of the Western Writing Collective Institute completed a study[1] in July of 2008, where he studied the assignments of a hundred college students. He found that ninety-nine percent of students are tormented with the pressure of writing papers and concern from being judged by their peers. The pressure causes students to write with trepidation and often causes assignments to be half thoughts or incomplete arguments.

The National Association of Emergency Room Nurses recently came out in support of tougher restrictions on the frequency and size of writing assignments.[2] In 2007, it was reported the number of writing/typing injuries increased nationally during the fall and spring. While the number of injuries declined during the summer months, coinciding with the traditional times associated with summer break. This research seemingly supports the claims of many school children that homework causes frequent and repetitive stress injuries to the hands and wrists, furthering the claim that writing homework is a “pain in the neck”.

Social lives are important to the development of all people. The pursuit of friendships, relationships and endeavors for the betterment of individuals create successful individuals. Whether it’s: exploring your cities’ attractions, traveling to places you’ve never been, socializing with friends, dating or just spending time in your own environment, these things are all important and consistently diminished by the necessity to complete writing assignments and homework.

This student, in researching the effects of writing homework on the average student has come to the conclusion that writing homework is unnecessary and should be abolished from the curriculum.  Subjecting students to the constant barrage of deadlines and peer pressure can have irreversible effects in the long term. In the immediate, a stressed student can be affected so much by an assignment that they feel defeat and deflation. Abolish homework now.

[1] Willis, William. “Students Damaged By Writing Pressure”. Writing Studies. Kalamazoo: Crazed Monkey, 2009

[2] Markenson, Mark. “Homework Reduction Helps Students”. National Association of Emergency Room Nurses Monthly January 1, 2010: 14-16.