Photo of the Day – Banded Storms

Taken in Portland the other day. There was this storm rolling in and the bands of rain were interesting. The spread of colors and rain were really exciting to me. …and to you, I hope.

Photo of the Day – After The Rain

Taken just moments after the storm passed through the area, the water was still running into the drains, and I saw this shot with all the colors and the dark grey clouds.

Photo of the Day – Standing Tall, Feeling Blue

Taken in the Columbia River Gorge, while hiking some waterfall trails. I couldn’t help but notice the vibrance of the colors found in this frame. The stark lines and the soft clouds. I’m particularly proud of this shot. 🙂 What do you think? Is it a memorable one?

Photo of the Day – Lakeside Reflections

I caught this shot while on a hike, I thought the reflections were cool inside the lake and I didn’t think it was possible to catch the short as I saw it. I was wrong.

Photo of the Day – Cloud Peeping

Today’s photo spoke to me; it reminded me that even when you’re knee-deep in just about everything that life can throw at you, and there are clouds on the horizon. There’s still blue skies ahead. Even when you’re surrounded by darkness. I hope you see that too.

Photo of the Day – Beware of the Columbia River Fog…

I get to see some neat things in my day-to-day life. I had to work in Hood River, Oregon today. On my way out of town, I noticed there were some low-lying clouds floating up the Gorge. So I stopped and took a picture, I think you have just about all of the types of…

Photo of the Day – Detroit Lake

From a drive along highway 22. Detroit lake is formed by a dam and the water it stores is massive. It was a bright sunny day and I thought the colors and the curved formation of the hills made a beautiful scenery.