Photo of the Day – Coffee

I love this photo. There’s a skill to coffee art. I’m not talented at it myself, but I live in Portland. There are some great artisan baristas here.

Quote of the Day – Anita Loos on Coffee

I’m dragging today. It’s been a long, stressful week. In the life of most people, students included, there is no greater necessity that warm, delicious and caffeinated coffee. Here, have a cup. 🙂 I can never take for granted the euphoria produced by a cup of coffee. I’m grateful every day that it isn’t banned…

Photo of the Day – Coffee Talk

I may or may not have an addiction to coffee. This is a prime example of some neat, and not overdone, coffee art. I’ve heard this described as “the beginning of the world” and “the Milky Way.” I believe coffee may be the Omega. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Clouds In My Coffee

This one is better left up to perception. I poured some cream into my coffee and I love watching the swirls form into shapes and atristic impressions. I spotted something here – What do you see?