Photo of the Day – Torched

Today’s photo is from the Fourth of July last year. This poor firework wasn’t done after it finished. It decided to burn to the ground. I couldn’t help but take some photos of it.

Quote of the Day – Fred Rogers on Being Unique

We’re all unique, offering something different to the world. Some other point of view, even when we agree we may offer different pathways to get there. Let’s enjoy the ride, shall we? Nobody else can live the way you live. And even though no human being is perfect, we always have the chance to bring…

Photo of the Day – Fired Up

I thought I would build on today’s earlier post on Optimism by hoping that I lit a little bit of fire within some of you.

Photo of the Day – Burning Mt. Hood

The other day, I was driving back to Portland from McMinnville, Oregon. I saw this photo happening, so I pulled over an snapped a quick shot. I thought it was pretty interesting.