Adult Candy Cane Fudge

I went on a tour of a local distillery recently and got a taste of Eastside Distilling’s Peppermint Bark liqueur. It was delicious, but it got my taste buds wondering, “what can I do with that?” So, I came up with this delicious fudge recipe. 🙂 Adult Candy Cane Fudge 2 – 10oz. packages Dark…

Photo of the Day – In a Jam

I made jam this weekend, strawberry-champagne jam to be precise. Finally, the jam has set in the jars and I CANNOT wait to taste it. But, you’re supposed to wait a week to let the flavors meld. I don’t know if I can wait that long…

Photo of the Day – Making Your Own Fortune

Or conversely, seeing what’s inside your cookie. LOL — This photo came from a coffee shop I was at recently. I was talking with some friends and I noticed these poor cookies, unopened, with no one around. I guess they didn’t want to know their fortune, they just wanted to imagine what’s inside.

Photo of the Day – Cubic Light

From the dinner table the other night, I saw this flickering and thought the way the light was playing off the cubes was interesting. Just what I saw.

Photo of the Day – At The Table

This photo from a brunch I attended not to long ago, and while I was sitting at the table, I really enjoyed the perspective as I looked down through the whole side.

Quote of the Day – James Beard on Food

James Andrew Beard was born in Portland, Oregon on this day in 1903. He would attend Reed College but was expelled in 1922 for homosexual activity. LOL, Expelled from Reed for that? Can you imagine? He left Portland to travel with a theatrical troupe, studying voice and theater along the way, ending up in Paris…

Let me take you on a (hash)capade (let’s go)

I’m pretty excited, My friend Clark Haass has been working on this epic hash-adventure and I’ve been along for the ride. Today, he launched his new site and this epic new video entitled “Think Outside The Can.” Who knew there were so many ways to cook potato hash? Check out his new video!

Photo of the Day – Sushi Food P0rn

I had happy hour snacks with a friend the other day at Henry’s on SW 12th in Portland. They ordered a “California Roll” and I thought they’d get one or two pieces. Instead, they got this massive spread. I don’t eat it, but I thought this sushi was pretty artistic.

A Picture; Vacuum Testing.

I own a vacuum sealer. I test different foods to see how they fair/store. This is what happens to Romaine lettuce.