Photo of the Day – On the Ranch

This is on the Ranch at the Four Seasons Resort at Koele Lodge. I found this whole island to be incredibly striking. The red dirt that clings to you for days, no matter how much you shower, the rich, blue skies, the beautiful ocean not far away, ever. And, these stables at Koele Lodge allow…

Photo of the Day – Sweetheart Rock, Lanai

A view from the clubhouse at The Challenge at Manele Bay. In the distance you can see “sweetheart rock.” Local lore tells of a sea warrior who locked up his most beautiful wife and during a storm, she drowned. So distraught, he made a burial shrine on the rock, then jumped to his death.

Photo of the Day – Pagoda and Peace

This pagoda is next to a giant Koi pond and a great orchid garden, near to a babbling brook and waterfall and just a hop away from a well manicured golf course. It’s the epitome of relaxation.