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What I’m Listening To?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it’s been a while since I’ve posted the songs that I’m currently in love with. So, here’s what’s rockin my socks.

This song is hotter than wearing nylons in a south Floridian summer. I love the simplicity of the song, and this video. Hello Mackelmore

If you and I are friends, you know that I have a special place in my heart for Florence and the Machine, so two songs are currently on the list:


This artist had the bubble-gum-I-hate-it-already song of the year, but her follow up, is so much better. Take a moment, give it some love. Carly Rae Jepson…

This song fills my heart, It just grabs the right place, holds on, and says, “I’ve got this, you take a moment to relax.” Calvin Harris, with Ellie Golding

This song has me cranking the radio to max volume. You should listen to the deep lyrics and the vocalistic power behind these words. So Breathtaking. Emeli Sandé

Eurovision’s Number One! I’m still so madly in love with this song. Here’s Loreen’s official video…

For this one, you need to click play, and crank up your speakers. I. Don’t. Care. I. Love. It. –Icona Pop. Do eeeeit.

…And this song just steals my breath. Every time. Find the love in this song, even if you have none in your heart.

I’m holding my life together with all available appendages. I’m trying to come back to post. I’ll be back soon. Join me here… What’s going on in your life? How may I be of service, my dears?

In the meantime, will you click play on one of the above songs. That’ll serve as your hold music as I get back to business. If you need another little nudge.… This is just for you. Yes, you.


My Weekend….

I’ve had quite the busy weekend. I started out the weekend with no intention of major trips, though it seems that is what happens quite often to me.

Friday: I found myself starting the weekend with nothing planned. After I’d gotten home from work I received a call from my friend Chris and he wanted to go out to grab a bite to eat. Now I’ve been wanting to try Fire on the Mountain for quite some time now as I was made to understand that their wings are amazing and I’m a big fan of spicy wings. That being said, off we went to the location found on 18th-ish and E Burnside. What struck me about this place was not only was it quite busy, but the way you ordered. They have the menu up on the wall and you order and find your seat, and wait… And Wait. They have 12 different sauces to choose from for your wings. Also, if you’re not a wing fan they have some interesting sandwiches to choose from, my friend gave the buffalo chicken sandwich a big thumbs up, however, the large chunks of blue cheese weren’t to his liking, so I got to enjoy them…

(Funny side note; while sitting outside waiting on our food, we saw this family come up, a dad and his two sons, one of which had a broken leg – this kid was trying to be really friendly with this girl who was waiting for her order and when the kid sat down at the picnic table, he missed and on his butt he went! Perfectly in view of this rather attractive young lady, after making sure he was alright and properly seated, the girl went back inside to grab her order, on her way out she said “I hope you have more success with gravity next time”. My friend and I couldn’t help but to laugh, poor guy…)

From there, I was footloose and fancy free, so I sent a broadcast out on twitter(I love twitter) indicating that I was not ready yet for my Friday night to be over. 🙂 And I was on my way down to Whiffies Fried Pies when My friend Jan informed me that she was going to see the Andrew Oliver Kora Band at Jimmy Maks.

Now, I’m a big music fan, almost more so without lyrics. I found their music really jazzy/modern/funky/tribal – Yeah, I know, quite a mix of sounds there, but really enjoyed much of it.  Here’s a link to their demo page – and one of the songs that really caught my attention(Opens new page/needs Quicktime…) I strongly urge you to give the band a try. I’ve included some pictures of the band in the gallery below.

During one of the breaks I spotted a man with an incredible cell phone. One that put the iPhone & the Blackberry to shame. I was very intrigued. I had no idea what it was, but I decided to ask…. And it was A Nokia – It was exciting. But the very next moment, I noticed this man had a rather familiar accent – It was European and we (Jan and I) Found out he was from Kazakhstan and he and his friends we from all over the former Soviet bloc – Turkmenistan,  Tajikistan; Armenia, Georgia, & Estonia – all here on Foreign press credentials checking out the music scenes around the United States. They’d been to Tennessee, Georgia (I giggled) Portland, Then to Seattle and New York – It was quite the Friday Night Experience.

Saturday found my day filled with household duties, which meant watching some football and puttering about the house. Some friends of mine and I had planned to meet up at Whiffies for some Friendship and Fried pie, when we heard there would be a new flavor. Now new flavors are something to be celebrated, not that any of the existing flavors are not worth mentioning, but any new flavor creates a buzz and the buzz can be quite loud. Especially when that new flavor was Pumpkin Creme – It was seriously delicious, and one of my friends put it “it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth”. I think the best part about the whole situation is that meeting up at Whiffies gives a bunch of people the opportunity to meet up and chat in a non-bar setting, where all are welcome. That little benefit is so often overlooked in this life, isn’t it?

Below you’ll find some pictures from my weekend travels, please do enjoy.