Photo of the Day – Touchdown

Heh. I took this photo shortly after landing at Lanai Airport, in Hawaii. I was thankful to be on the ground. I’m not really a good passenger in a plane where I can see the pilot, let alone, reach out and touch them. But, this Mokulele Airlines Pilot really knew his stuff and made the…

Photo of the Day – Sunrise on the Lanai

It took all week for me to get to see a sunrise. Only because I was on vacation and had no reason to get out of bed before sunrise. Yes, I agree it is beautiful. But, I love my sleep. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Ghost Crab

This photo is from the Polihua shore of the Island of Lana’i. This little guy almost got stepped on, as you can see, because he blends into the sand quite nicely. He surely wasn’t afraid of us, but took of pretty dang quickly when we got too close.

Photo of the Day – Through the Tunnel

This photo, from the tunnel, is on The Challenge at Manale Bay, on Lana’i. Every single hole has breath-taking views. You almost forget about your scorecard… almost.

Quote of the Day – Jack Nicklaus on Bad Habits

Today, i get to golf the Challenge at Manele Bay, designed by Jack Nicklaus. This course is beautiful and every hole has a view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s so beautiful that Bill and Melinda Gates were married on the 12th hole. And I get to golf here… *phew* How people keep correcting us when…

Photo of the Day – Sweetheart Rock, Lanai

A view from the clubhouse at The Challenge at Manele Bay. In the distance you can see “sweetheart rock.” Local lore tells of a sea warrior who locked up his most beautiful wife and during a storm, she drowned. So distraught, he made a burial shrine on the rock, then jumped to his death.

Photo of the Day – Pagoda and Peace

This pagoda is next to a giant Koi pond and a great orchid garden, near to a babbling brook and waterfall and just a hop away from a well manicured golf course. It’s the epitome of relaxation.

Photo of the Day – Blue Rooster Tail

This photo, the rooster tail from our snorkeling catamaran. Say hello to the most beautiful water in the world. Just off the coast of Lanai, Hawaii. This post, by the way, is from on the boat. Aloha

Quote of the Day – Jules Verne on the Sea

Today I get to go snorkeling. I am “oh my god”-excited. This is a first for me and I have always been interested in the deep blue and it’s wonderful habitat. Today I get to frolic with them. The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and…