Quote of the Day – Edvard Munch on Perceptions

I love any quote about how we see things in this world. How we perceive things and how life grabs us in the moment. When you look at things do you always accept it at face value or do you dig deeper? At different moments you see with different eyes. You see differently in the…

Photo of the Day – Mirroring Mt. Hood

I took a day trip to Mt. Hood. Which, is one of the reasons I love Portland so much. You can, quite literally, drive from Mountain range to Seashore in a couple hours. Ski and surf? Why not. 🙂 At one of the lakes near the base of Mt. Hood I took this photo from…

Photo of the Day – Confetti Glass

Another shot from the Chihuly Gardens in Seattle, Washington. This piece really was amazing, such color and intricacies. It really was breathtaking and moving. So many things to see…

Quote of the Day – Daniel Day Lewis on Performance

Wow. Ten years ago, I was preparing to compete for the Mr., Miss, Ms. Gay Oregon Pageant. To ruin the surprise, I won. Surprisingly enough, tonight is my decade celebration and while I tried to convince myself that I could/should just skip the event, I cannot. So tonight, I perform as Nicholas Illusion once again….

Photo of the Day – Wheeled Beam

A great shot from the Portland Rose Festival and the signature Ferris wheel. The sun was beaming through and this shot just sort of happened. Enjoy!

Photo of the Day – Rainbow Lights

Sometimes, when you’re in a conference, you look for inspiration elsewhere. I found it in the lights above me. Most conference facilities have strange lighting, I just decided to punch it up a bit. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Neon Coffee

From a walk through SE Portland’s Industrial district. There’s this cute little coffee shop called Water Avenue Coffee and as you walk by, there’s this huge neon sign, causing me to stare. With a little photo-editing, wonderful! 🙂