Photo of the Day – Forest Frolicking Flowers

I took this on a particularly sunny day and while I had a little bit of fun with the editing, I thought it was nice to showcase these flowers sprouting out of the sea of green. I hope you enjoy it.

Photo of the Day – Blowing Water

I couldn’t help this photo, I was sitting in my car, in the car wash, and thought “Why am I not taking photos of this?!” So, here’s one.

Photo of the Day: Streaked Trees

Wow. It was raining hard when I took this photo. I couldn’t see through the window as the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult to make out the tree in the distance. These aren’t April showers, they’re May downpours.

Photo of the Day – Chained Negative Links

Taken at class the other night, where two railings join. I thought it was pretty neat and with a little modification made it into something else. It reminds me a little bit of something that Escher would have done. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Caged

I saw this today and it caught my eye. I had a really hard time catching it as my mind’s eye saw it. I really hope it translates well.