Quote of the Day – Terry Tempest Williams on Words

I sure love words, I love words which make deep thought, which set your sails, which call your name. This is why I do a quote of the day; to reach something, somewhere, someone, and to seek that place where people find their best moments. This is my living faith, an active faith, a faith…

Quote of the Day – Charles Schulz on Knowing the Answer

Today’s quote is a little jab at humor. Thanks Charles Schulz for giving us a moment of levity. Today’s grind is such that we might miss a few things throughout the day. So, when the answer hits you, take a moment and declare it. 🙂 I know the answer! The answer lies within the heart…

Quote of the Day – Kurt Vonnegut on Laughter

I was in a conversation on twitter yesterday with a very nasty and pretentious woman. She was eager to butt into a conversation not of her making, with no idea who the participants were, and proceeded to be vengeful and abrasive when faced with the slightest hint of push back to her commentary. She immediately…

Quote of the Day – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec on Luck

I found myself today, not lucky, because I found so many great quotes about luck. These will probably show up throughout the week if I find myself needing some more. But, Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day here in America, I thought some Green Beer, Some Clover-ed luck and a fun quote was all in order….

Random: Cat Diving

If you need a seriously good laugh. Check out this video. I laughed so hard that I’m crying.