Here’s to 2019: Authenticity

Every year, I choose a word; something that I can continually practice, grow from, and endeavor throughout the whole year.

Quote of the Day – Ed Vargo on Your First Day

YAY! Today is my first day at my new job. I’m excited to begin anew. So, it’s only fitting that I should find a quote that embodies what I’m feeling today. We’re supposed to be perfect our first day on the job and then show constant improvement. – Ed Vargo

First, Last or Somewhere Else?

Lately I’d been giving a lot of thought to what’s been going on in my life. Recently, I’ve had a lot of change going on in my life and a lot of experiences you would call “lasts:” Last day at an old job. Last day in an old apartment. Last moment of friendship. (Used under…

What the heck am I doing here?

I’m seriously not sure. I’m sitting here trying to make sure I’ve set this thing up the way I want it to, but right now I feel like a dog randomly chasing his tail hoping that I’ll miraculously catch it. At least I have a first post. I’m not sure how long until the next…