Photo of the Day – Sunglass Reflections

Today’s photo and accompanying text are somewhat brief as I am traveling today. Making my way from Portland, Oregon to Lana’i, Hawai’i. So, it might be wise to prepare yourselves to see some beautiful tropical photos. Until then, a moment of reflection.

Quote of the Day – Jack Kerouac on Living Life

I”m of to paradise today. I’m off to visit the great state of Hawaii! This will bring my total number of states visited to: 9 – Also, it’ll be the first time I’ve flown over the ocean. I’m extremely excited for this trip. Ah, life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway,…

Photo of the Day – A Step Up

This photo was taken on a walk through Mt. Tabor Park in Portland. This long line of stairs reminds me that you still have to take them one, maybe two, at a time. You just have to start climbing, though.

Photo of the Day – Portland At Dusk

This photo, taken from the Hawthorne Bridge, gives a really great shot of Portland at dusk, Portland Spirit, Salmon Street Springs and the Willamette River.

Photo of the Day – Reflecting Reservoir

Another view from my walk around Mt Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. This beautiful batch of water is the Portland Drinking water, reservoir #5. Soon the federal government is going to require the City of Portland to cover these beauties, ruining the scenery.

Photo of the Day – Mt. Tabor Park

This wasn’t my original choice for photo of the day, instead I had something else planned. Then, my crappy internet service provider decided to be really slow, so I went for a walk instead of cursing their name to high-heavens. On my walk, I took this photo.

Quote of the Day – Alfred Stieglitz on Today

Today’s quote is inspired by the World Domination Summit going on in Portland, Oregon. I’m not there but many of my friends are and I’m watching from afar. Seems like such a powerful thing, to live in the moment, and it’s maybe the hardest thing to do. Welcome to Portland WDSers! I have always been…