Photo of the Day – Crown Jewel

Ok. Really it’s Crown Point at the top of the Columbia River Gorge. I had to travel to Hood River today for work. Everytime I have to drive out there, I really want to drive to the top of Highway 30 just to take a look around. In the winter it’s pretty cold and windy,…

Photo of the Day – Rocking The Sea

I’m sorry for the pun. I couldn’t help myself. This photo was from a trip I took to Lincoln City. I thought the setting was beautiful. I wish you could see the bird perched on the rock a little better. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Foamy Lines on the Beach

I took a trip to the coast over New Year’s Eve weekend. I took a bunch of pictures. This one particularly said “hi,” to me. There’s something about messing with the lines of reality that is a little fun. Hope you enjoy it, too!