Quote of the Day – H. Ross Perot on Slacking

I’ve been slacking lately… I haven’t been posting a quote and a photo every day. Not because I have stopped enjoying sifting through the great words of others or because I haven’t been taking pictures, I’ve been taking lots! But, because I’ve been getting busier in my daily life. Amazingly, I’ve been going faster and…

Photo of the Day – Elevator Beam

I got stuck in an elevator today at work. I had just left for the day and was on my way out the door. While sitting there, I realized this was pretty cool and thought it was good to use real life for my “art,” so, here’s today’s photo.

Photo of the Day – Cutting Through

Again, from my walk home from work. There was a boat jettin’ through the Willamette River, I almost caught it. Though, I think this shot is much better.

Photo of the Day – Golden Showers

This photo, from my last trip to Vegas is of my favorite fountain. I adjusted the color balance just a little bit for a little more fun. 🙂