Photo of the Day – Busy Bubbling Waterflow

I took this photo while on a day trip with a friend. We only had a few minutes to stop by this waterfall, but I loved all the things going on in this photo. I hope you enjoy it too. I find it a little dizzying as I’m not sure where to look. hehehe. I…

Photo of the Day – Japanese Maple

I was walking through a sanctuary with some friends not too long ago and saw this Japanese Maple sitting all alone in the middle of this green, green field of grass. Even though it had dropped all it’s leaves, you know, in spring, it will return to it’s own special beauty. I feel like that’s…

Photo of the Day – Union Station Standing Tall

I took this photo on one of my many, many trips to Union Station. I think what struck me the most was the scale, This little light pole standing just as tall as the iconic tower of the station. One of my Portland favorites.

Photo of the Day – Happy Little Trees

From a hike in the Columbia River Gorge. I really enjoy these little trees standing out on their own. Standing tall. Which is something I’m not doing right now. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Falling Water

From a hike this summer, this waterfall was beautiful and loud! As a geology student, I love the rock, and as me, I love the moss all over and the falls coming down. My hiking friend was in the bottom of the picture.

Photo of the Day – Sushi Food P0rn

I had happy hour snacks with a friend the other day at Henry’s on SW 12th in Portland. They ordered a “California Roll” and I thought they’d get one or two pieces. Instead, they got this massive spread. I don’t eat it, but I thought this sushi was pretty artistic.

Photo of the Day – Lucky Lady Liberty

Is it Lady Luck, or Lady Liberty? In Las Vegas, those can be one in the same, it just depends on where you’re standing. This version of Lady Liberty is found at New York, New York and has a roller coaster near it. You’d have to be pretty lucky to get me to ride on…

Photo of the Day – Love and Light.

Yeah. Today’s photo is in honor of Valentine’s day. I’m feeling pretty fortunate today. Thanks to a little help from delivery people, I’ve made the day special for others. My 200th post over here. It’s mushy, I know. So what, I’m a little sappy today. I think I’m allowed. …And I love this photo for…