Quote of the Day – Robert Fulghum on Greener Grass

This is really a great quote. It’s usually not greener grass wherever you look, but wherever you tend to your garden. Through rain, or shine, it’s all the same. If you water and cultivate it, it will grow. A good reminder for all of us. The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the…

Photo of the Day – Bloomin’ Pink

I wandered around the Portland International Rose Test Gardens yesterday, the roses are beginning their yearly bloom and there are some very vibrant colored roses in that garden. These particular roses, which I cannot remember their name, made such an interesting picture.

Photo of the Day – Forest Frolicking Flowers

I took this on a particularly sunny day and while I had a little bit of fun with the editing, I thought it was nice to showcase these flowers sprouting out of the sea of green. I hope you enjoy it.

Photo of the Day – Buds in Bloom

Amazingly, these store bought roses seemed to outlast my expectations. They held their color, shape and beauty for a long period of time. I really enjoyed them. Now, I get to share them with you.

Photo of the Day – Japanese Maple

I was walking through a sanctuary with some friends not too long ago and saw this Japanese Maple sitting all alone in the middle of this green, green field of grass. Even though it had dropped all it’s leaves, you know, in spring, it will return to it’s own special beauty. I feel like that’s…