Photo of the Day – United States Navy

These beautiful ships have been docked in Portland, Oregon for the last couple of days as part of the Portland Rose Festival’s fleet week. Sadly, I remember when they stayed for 10 days…

Photo of the Day – Flags Guarding the Coast

This is still “Fleet Week” in Portland, Oregon. However, the United States Navy gets all the PR for being here; But, the United States Coast Guard, while protecting the Naval Ships, has a couple ships in port, too. So, I thought they should get a bit of a shout out, also. Thank you for your…

Photo of the Day – Hawthorne Bridge at Night

Today’s photo of the day is from the Eastbank Esplanade in Portland, Oregon. Looking west towards downtown Portland you see the waterfront, rose festival and Tom McCall Waterfront Park. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Baby, You’re A…..

I went to the firework opening of the Portland Rose Festival last night. I go almost every year and I’m happy that I can share this photo with you. 🙂 Taking photos of fireworks seems to be a little challenging, you have to time things just right.