Photo of the Day – Ringing The Bell

There’s this awesome bell outside the Oregon Convention Center. I’ve always enjoyed it. And now that the roses around it are blooming, the sun was shining and only a few clouds in the sky it looks even better.

Photo of the Day – Bloomin’ Pink

I wandered around the Portland International Rose Test Gardens yesterday, the roses are beginning their yearly bloom and there are some very vibrant colored roses in that garden. These particular roses, which I cannot remember their name, made such an interesting picture.

Photo of the Day – Buds in Bloom

Amazingly, these store bought roses seemed to outlast my expectations. They held their color, shape and beauty for a long period of time. I really enjoyed them. Now, I get to share them with you.

Photo of the Day – By Any Other Name

It will smell as sweet, won’t it? This photo was taken at the International Rose Test Gardens in Washington Park. It’s full of hundreds of roses with names like Voodoo and Rosie O’Donnell. It’s well worth a stroll in the summer months.

Quote of the Day – Kinky Friedman on Wishes and Regrets

Never miss an opportunity to quote someone named “Kinky.” Especially someone who ran for Governor of Texas. 🙂 “But the most dangerous thing in the world is to run the risk of waking up one morning and realizing suddenly that all this time you’ve been living without really and truly living and by then it’s…