Photo of the Day – Spiked Flower

Wow. Still breathless from the Chihuly Glass and Gardens gallery in Downtown Seattle. Over the next few days I will probably showcase quite a few of his great glass pieces. This one, with the scenery, made for a great photo.

Quote of the Day – Gladys Taber on Travel

I personify this quote today. Today, I drive to Seattle, Washington and back in the same day. I am heading up for a bowling tournament, it is only six hours of driving and worth it to see some friends. Traveling is all very well if you can get home at night. I would be willing…

Photo of the Day – Lake Washington

This photo, taken on an exceptionally beautiful day, looks Eastward from Seattle. In the distance you can see Lake Washington. I’m reminded of the Hydroplane Races which used to run every year.

Photo of the Day – Dave Niehaus

If you’re a Mariners fan, then the name Dave Niehaus is super familiar to you. If you’re not an M’s fan, then here you go. Dave was THE VOICE of the Mariners. Whenever I could, I would listen to the Mariners games and his voice would be the one calling the shots. Alas, Dave left…

Photo of the Day – Safeco Field

I had the good fortune of attending a Seattle Mariners baseball game on July 3rd. The seats were fantastic. Right behind Ichiro Suzuki! Tried to get his autograph, he didn’t come close enough.

Photo of the Day – Holy Reflection

I was in a church not too long ago, a massive church with some great glass. I was standing next to the holy water and noticed this great reflection. Thought it was too good not to share.

Moving Poor Customer Service… Out

I recently had an experience that left me so perplexed that I still have no idea how this happens to people or how it isn’t more widely reported… I helped a friend move from Seattle to Portland. Seems like it should be easy, right? Order one of the many truck services, pick it up in…

Photo of the Day – Digging Out Of Seattle

I helped a friend move out of the “Seattle freeze” today. We went for lunch after packing the truck and I had the opportunity to check out the Seattle Transit Tunnel project. Fittingly, it’s today’s photo!

Photo of The Day: Hammer Time

This is the world famous hammer man statue at the Seattle Art Museum. To me, it’s as iconic as the Space Needle in Seattle. Enjoy!

Photo of the Day – Pike Place Market

Another Photo from Seattle this week! My trip to Seattle would not have been complete without a trip to Pike Place Market. I love just about everything about Seattle; every time I walk though Pike place, I have a sudden urge to yell, “FRESH FISH!” in a deep surly voice. 🙂