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I have found heaven.

And it is called “John’s Marketplace.” — http://www.johnsmarketplace.com/

This place is amazing. Located in SW Portland, Multnomah Village. There is beer for days and days!
100s of beer bottles

There is beer from every nation, in every flavor!
Evil Twin Beer Yin and Yang
Strawberry and Framboise flavored beer

I walked in to this store and I was totally lost. In awe of everything. I had to walk up and down, every aisle, until I got my bearings..
Another Row of Beer

I made my selections from the IPA arena. Including this one:
Reunion Beer For A Good Cause

…It feels good to help. 🙂

Oh. And for you wine drinkers, they have a wine steward on the premises to help you through the 100’s of bottles of booze on the wall.

When you’re in Multnomah Village next, stop by, take one down, and pass it around. 🙂


Shopping Anyone?

Being at home is bad.

Me being stuck at home, is really bad.

With all my forced free time, I’ve been shopping. There is nothing like digging through some of my favorite websites’ clearance sections for things I’m sure I do not need, but suddenly, I want.

Some of my favorites: (In No Particular Order)

www.Walmart.com (Don’t judge me!)
www.gilt.com (If you like labels, you MUST sign up for this website. Here’s a link to sign up, if you want. CLICK ME

Those are just a few. I’ve also done some Christmas shopping.

I just have too much free time.

Black Friday…

Against all the best advice given to me, and explicit doctor’s orders. I went out for Black Friday. While shopping is the one thing I do best. I really enjoy the whole Black Friday Season.

First, If you haven’t seen them, I encourage you to check out the Target Two-Day Sale commercials. They have been the best of the year. Here’s one of my favorites!

Furthermore, Like I said, I like the shopping. Here’s what I hauled out of the store.

Black Friday Shopping

To Walmart, you barely got my money this year. You’d think, that someone would devise a way to organize the line wrapping through the store, instead you have 40 employees sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for the 2:00am bracelet call. You just need one employee directing checkout traffic. I easily saw 30 people abandon their purchases while waiting in line. Think about that.

To Kohls, You didn’t get my money this year. For the same reason aforementioned to Walmart. You had 6 registers open, yet no orderly fashion to the line, other than it wrapped around the whole store. I just didn’t see deals which made me want to wait for an hour to check out. Get that sorted, you’ll get me back in there.

Fred Meyer, You win the “Stupid Idiot, which created a stampede” award. First, your security told us to line up at one door, so you could create an orderly entrance. Then, because you “didn’t expect this many people” (About two hundred) you then opened all the doors, allowing people who walked up to the door at 5 am, to surpass people who had been waiting for an hour. That’s just stupid. For the record, “We’re going to enter safely and securely,” meanwhile you create ill-will and slight your consumers who have been in line, is really a true recipe for trampled people.

All in all, I got all I wanted.

The Aftermath

Let’s avoid the stupidity next year, can we? Let’s get organized, if you need assistance, I’m available.

Customer Service: Walmart

Now before you go and say, “Walmart doesn’t provide customer service.” I’m going to stop you right there. There are some REALLY great people who work at Wally World. I should know, I shop at Walmart pretty frequently, feel free to judge me for that. My friend and I probably go there more than once a week. It’s convenient and when you’re bored, it’s a good place to find things you never knew you wanted.

I actually didn’t experience this event so what I’m relaying to you is from a friend who decided to use Walmart’s Optical Department at the 82nd Avenue Location:

Now, he’s already agitated because he has to get an even stronger prescription for his glasses and he has purchased a couple of sets from Walmart. So he has only mediocre expectations at best.

So he got the prescription and his other pair of frames and sent them off to be fixed. They should have been done in a week, they say. The second week, he calls, “No, sorry, there was a delay, we’ll have them next week and we’ll call you when they are done. Sorry” – He waits another week and calls – and the woman he got on the phone didn’t seem at all interested in helping him. This is where it goes bad. His conversation started with “Are my glasses done?” to which the woman replied that the lab made another mistake and he should have done something different so there wouldn’t be a question on his glasses.
Now – Wait – What?
The prescription came from their optometrist to their lab. What could he have done differently, we ask. Her reply was that he didn’t fill out the form correctly.
Now – Wait – What?
There was no form to fill out and at this point, my friend was certainly not having any of this, so he asked for a Manager. The representative said there were no managers on duty right now. Wait, I’ve been in Walmart MANY times. There are always managers on Duty, sometimes, more than they have staff.
My friend’s response to that was that he would like his frames, his prescription and most importantly, his money back. This set the customer service representative off. Well, you’ll have to come in for that and we’ll see, Was her reply.
Now, I’m never one to advocate any sort of raised voice to a customer service person, but I would have been livid at that point. We’d hope this would be the end of it. But no, it gets better, or worse…

When my friend got to the store, she was working and insisted that “I got this” to her co-workers. While processing the order cancellation she had to walk between 3 different machines. Strange. Then to the register. Now, my friend purchased this on credit. Should be super easy, Credit, Refund, Enter. Right?
Wrong. This rep tried 3 times and kept telling my friend that he needed to enter his pin number. His credit card doesn’t have a pin number. It’s a credit card. So again, he asked for a manager. The girl left and got another person who must have just turned 18 who said she was the manager. Though, her nametag said associate. We can read people.
So again, he asked for a manager and finally got a real manager who was able to process his refund and get him his frames. He informed the manager of his ordeal and left the store. Livid.

Now, this is where the story usually ends and we all create a thread about how horrible the service was, and that’s what should be expected from Walmart. But this is where you’re wrong.

About an hour after my friend left the store, he got a call from the store director. The head honcho, the big cheese, the main dude. Although it was extremely frustrating, he relayed the who situation from start to walking out of the store to the guy. The Director apologized profusely (The first person in the entire chain of people to do so) and said this: “We don’t want to lose you as a customer, nor do we want our reputation tarnished by this. What I would like to do is get your glasses created and provide them to you at no charge, we’ll also put a rush on the order so that you’ll have them in a couple days. I know it doesn’t correct your experience, but it’s the least I can do for all your trouble”

Now that’s service. Even though it took a while to get there. Why is it that most companies/people have an extreme problem saying they’re sorry for the inconvenience – and meaning it? It’s CUSTOMER service. Not “I didn’t make a mistake” 🙂