Photo of the Day – Standing Out

This one pays homage to the fact that some of us are one of a kind, and some of us have to stand out a little brighter. Tomorrow is my birthday and I thought I’d start the celebration a little early with this great photo of a solo ripe berry. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Come Back Rain

We’re looking at a couple months of 80 and 90 degree weather. I’d rather have weather that matches the below photo. What’s your favorite type of weather?

Photo of the Day – Razor Thin

Today’s photo of the day is from a walk though Portland yesterday. The summer sun is out, blue skies everywhere and this cool reflection from the barbed wire.

Quote of the Day – F. Scott Fitzgerald on Summer

Oh. What glorious light is this? Hehehe, It’s the sun, and I got to actually spend some time out in it this weekend. A nice walk, running errands, on an all-too-short weekend. Oh well, that’s the life. I did make a delicious strawberry shortcake, though. 🙂 (seen below) And so with the sunshine and the…

Photo of the Day – Caesar’s Palace

I recently took a winter trip to Las Vegas. It was very cold, which reminded me, I took a summer trip, too. This looks nice and toasty. Don’t mind the naked statue.