Photo of the Day – Touchdown

Heh. I took this photo shortly after landing at Lanai Airport, in Hawaii. I was thankful to be on the ground. I’m not really a good passenger in a plane where I can see the pilot, let alone, reach out and touch them. But, this Mokulele Airlines Pilot really knew his stuff and made the…

Photo of the Day – South Lake Union Boats and Planes

Another photo from my weekend trip to Seattle, Washington. South Lake Union and the steam paddle boat, the sail boats, the seaplanes and off in the distance, Bridges… There’s all manner of transportation around.

Quote of the Day – Gladys Taber on Travel

I personify this quote today. Today, I drive to Seattle, Washington and back in the same day. I am heading up for a bowling tournament, it is only six hours of driving and worth it to see some friends. Traveling is all very well if you can get home at night. I would be willing…

Photo of the Day – Reflecting Reservoir

Another view from my walk around Mt Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. This beautiful batch of water is the Portland Drinking water, reservoir #5. Soon the federal government is going to require the City of Portland to cover these beauties, ruining the scenery.

Photo of the Day – Lake Washington

This photo, taken on an exceptionally beautiful day, looks Eastward from Seattle. In the distance you can see Lake Washington. I’m reminded of the Hydroplane Races which used to run every year.

Quote of the Day – Will Rogers on Aging

Interesting enough, On this day in history, Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the law appropriating 33.5 billion (in those days) for highway construction. The modern highway system was born. I went searching for “road” quotes and instead found this one. Much better than: “I can’t drive 55!” right? Some people try to turn back their odometers….

Photo of the Day – Softer Fremont

I’m a fan of Portland Bridges, as you’ve seen from other pictures. This is the Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. With a nice soft focus filter on it.

Photo of the Day – Wheeled Beam

A great shot from the Portland Rose Festival and the signature Ferris wheel. The sun was beaming through and this shot just sort of happened. Enjoy!

Photo of the Day – On Guard!

From a walk along the Waterfront last weekend. The United States Coast Guard was protecting the US Navy ships in port and must have gotten an order to check something out, they took off in a hurry!

Photo of the Day – Eastward, Portland.

This photo was taken today standing on the Vista Bridge in SW Portland, Oregon. It’s an incredibly scenic spot to take a look at Downtown Portland, and further east. Just wanted to share. 🙂