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I Love A Good Fountain

Especially set to music. I went to Las Vegas recently. I might be a little obsessed with the fountains at Bellagio. I think the scenery and that they can shoot water 100 feet into the air is pretty cool.

While down there this trip, my friend and I decided to stop and watch it. I decided to record it.

It’s a really good song, too. 🙂

Here you are. 🙂



I think I might have a role in motivational speaking.

Today I ran two new personal “bests.” A new personal best for distance. 5.3 miles and a personal best set of average minutes per mile at 11.31.

It was really tough, but I have set a goal for myself and I’m currently reaching for that goal.

I have ~240 pounds of carcass to drag around, and if I can do it for 5.3 miles, what’s stopping you from reaching your goal?

Also – Check out this great video!

You And I!


For Madonna’s Birthday, Lady Gaga releases her new video to “You and I.”

Feelin’ Fine…

Sometimes this is just how you feel.

There’s a Simpsons Episode for every moment. Please enjoy.

Why I hate video.

I’ve been thinking – I have been to many workshops, blogging seminars and various other places regarding “Web 2.0…..” First, is there such a thing as Web 2.0? When did we have web 1.0? Web .01? It seems to me, many are just struggling to define something so they can say they’re proficient in it. How about saying, “Internets, I have it?” Sorry, that must be too complicated.

Which brings me to my previous point, sorry for the sudden left turn…. Videos on your blog, Videos in your email, Videos are the next great thing? I wholeheartedly disagree. Here’s why:

I have a short attention span.
When I am at my computer, I’m usually doing four or five different things at once. When I click on your webpage, I can read it at my own pace, in my own time. If it’s just a video, you’re asking me to stop when I’m doing and focus all my attention on you. It better be worth it.

Uh. Um. Oh. Ah. Uh. Oh. Um.
I catch every vocal pause in your sentences… And I judge you for it. If you’re not confident in what you’re saying, how do you expect me to be comfortable with you as an expert?

Stop looking at me
If I’m watching you, watching me, watching you, I’m watching where your eyes are going, if they’re staring into the camera, I’m a little unnerved. If you’re looking off screen, I want to know what you’re looking at. I’m curious. What ARE you looking at?

awkward statue
(Used under creative commons, thank you SoStark!!)

Take a breath once in a while
I can tell when you’re trying to say everything all at once. Take a breath every once in a while. The video is already awkward, so a pause every now and then would not be uncharacteristic.

Hey! I like your: Office, Den, Living room, Car, Boat, Evil lair
As mentioned above, I’m creeped out by looking at you, looking at me, so I’m looking everywhere, but you. I’m looking at the pictures around you, the papers on your desk, the traffic driving by – Is it raining? – the open door – Did someone just walk by? – Oh, and when I’m doing that, I’m not listening to your message. I’m distracted and paying attention elsewhere.

Messy desks
(Used under creative commons, thank you JonRB)

Oh man, another video
Learning from the history of AOL member pages, Angelfire, or Geocites, if there is anything that is on autoplay on your site, including video, I’m clicking the red X as soon as I can find it. I’m usually listening to something in my own world when I’m at my computer: news, music, my mother on the phone, and I don’t need to hear your voice/music trying to compete.

For all the above reasons. Please stop forcing me to see your video, cause I’m already not watching. Put the effort into something I will pay attention to. Video is not the answer to all of the web’s problems.

Take a picture, I’ll look at it and it’ll last longer….

Rock Out/Work Out (Music Edition)

I’ve been working out for about a month now. Yes, I’ve noticed some nice little results. I work out for about 45 minutes of cardio each time and I push progressively harder. It’s a little tough but when I dig into my music collection to power through, it always helps. I wanted to share my top ten music to work out to. These songs are always in my music library and when one of them comes on it helps me to push through the fatigue and get ever closer to my goal. If you’ve heard these songs, great. If not, take a listen, you may like them.

(In No Particular Order)

1: I Like It: Enrique Iglesias

2: t.A.T.u. – Lyudi-Invalidy (in Russian)

3: Rhianna (Run This Town Tonight)

4: B52’s (FunPlex)

5: Owl City (Panda Bear)

6: Jason Mraz (Curbside Prophet)

7: Justin Beiber (Somebody to Love)

8: Ke$ha (Your Love is my Drug)

9: Goldfrapp (Train)

10: Lady Gaga (Fame)

Hope they made your day a little better. Enjoy!

People on the internet and The West Wing.

I’m still a big fan of The West Wing and from time to time I look for clips that pertain to something I’m thinking about or working on. In this case, I remembered “Josh’s fan site, Lemon Lyman.com” I couldn’t help but to post this clip. All about internet people. LOL