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Speech: Final Persuasive

Finally. I’m done with all my classes for the term. This makes me happy.

While I would love to rant and rave on and on about how fantastic I was. I really don’t have the energy and I’m really just glad this term is over. Hopefully I can relax for the next two weeks, before we start all over again.

For those who have been riveted. I wanted to put up my final speech. I know my final grade already and I’m pleased with the outcome.


The beginning of the speech, for the first minute, I showed the following clip, feel free to watch it before the speech.

And without further ado?

My final speech, a persuasive on why voting is important.



It’s almost that time and in Oregon since we do it by mail. You’ll start seeing your ballots show up in your mail box. I know you’re probably tired of seeing the political ads already on TV but we’ve got another month or so. So hang on, hunker down and VOTE!

If you’re in Oregon, there’s still time to register, here’s the Secretary of State timeline for this election…

August 24 voters’ pamphlet filing deadline
September 18 ballots mailed to long-term absent voters (overseas and military)
October 4 ballots mailed to out-of-state voters
October 6-8 voters’ pamphlet delivered to households
October 12 voter registration deadline
October 15-19 ballots mailed to voters other than long-term and out-of-state voters
November 2 election day
December 2 certification of election results

Aren’t sure if you’re registered to vote? Check out My Vote

If you’re not registered, you can do so online Right Here

I don’t care about your political persuasion. Your voice is important, even if it’s just one.