Photo of the Day – Narrow Bridge

This is the Tacoma Narrows bridge in Tacoma, Washington as seen from a train. I caught this shot on a recent trip to Seattle and thought it was pretty spectacular. “Galloping Gertie” as it’s been called before, is one of the world’s most famous bridge videos.

Photo of the Day – A Storm on the Horizon

I went for a little drive on my lunch break down Marine Drive, next to the Columbia River. I stopped because I noticed this vast storm brewing, I couldn’t help but notice the whole scene. The Glenn Jackson Bridge is in the distance, Washington on your right, Oregon on your left. Also, this is my…

Photo of the Day – Holy Reflection

I was in a church not too long ago, a massive church with some great glass. I was standing next to the holy water and noticed this great reflection. Thought it was too good not to share.

Photo of the Day – Bridge of the Gods

Taken from below the Bridge of the Gods, in Cascade Locks, Oregon. This bridge is fairly old, opened in 1926 and for a great deal of time, was the only Washington/Oregon crossing until The Dalles. Worth a check, if you’re in the neighborhood. It’s name comes from the following story: The Bridge of the Gods…

Photo of the Day – A Sunny Swing and Stroll

I’m seeing a couple of my friends bemoan the weather, so I thought today’s photo needed to be of some sunshine from a hike/walk I took recently. How nice it would have been to swing at some golf balls from this winding sunny view.

Photo of the Day – Digging Out Of Seattle

I helped a friend move out of the “Seattle freeze” today. We went for lunch after packing the truck and I had the opportunity to check out the Seattle Transit Tunnel project. Fittingly, it’s today’s photo!

Photo of the Day – It’s Not Easy Being Green.

Went on an adventure today near Carson, Washington. We were in search of remote waterfalls; instead we found forest service roads and patches of car-deep snow. I did run across this great quiet stream shot, though.

Photo of the Day – Pike Place Market

Another Photo from Seattle this week! My trip to Seattle would not have been complete without a trip to Pike Place Market. I love just about everything about Seattle; every time I walk though Pike place, I have a sudden urge to yell, “FRESH FISH!” in a deep surly voice. 🙂