Photo of the Day – Golden Showers

This photo, from my last trip to Vegas is of my favorite fountain. I adjusted the color balance just a little bit for a little more fun. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Snorkel Adventure

One of the things I was most excited to do was go snorkeling. Being a bit of a science and nature nerd, there was something so peaceful and relaxing about doing the “dead mans float” while looking at the most colorful scenery I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to the crew of the…

Photo of the Day – Reaching Fountain

This photo is from the fountain in front of the Standard Insurance Building in Portland, Oregon. I’ve always admired this fountain and found in interesting as it’s a guy and two girls, and the guy is reaching for… something..

Photo of the Day – Blowing Water

I couldn’t help this photo, I was sitting in my car, in the car wash, and thought “Why am I not taking photos of this?!” So, here’s one.

Quote of the Day – Erma Bombeck on Mothers

It’s Mother’s day around here and while I’m lucky to have my mother, I’m keenly aware of those who have lost theirs. So, in that, I wish all mother’s out there, with us and no longer, a happy mother’s day. May your day be filled with love and laughter. When mothers talk about the depression…

Photo of the Day – Foggy River Valley

On a beach trip this winter, I stopped in this area near the Wilson River. It was nearly sunset and the river was running fast. Looking around, this photo opportunity looks dark and dreary, yet, it was a great moment to be there. 🙂

Viva Las Vegas! My Vacation – In Pictures

As you saw from yesterday’s post, The Fountains of Bellagio, I was recently in Las Vegas for vacation. I love Vegas, but it can be a little overstimulating. So much to see and do. There are some really cool things if you open your eyes and take a quick look around. I wanted to share…