Photo of the Day – A Storm on the Horizon

I went for a little drive on my lunch break down Marine Drive, next to the Columbia River. I stopped because I noticed this vast storm brewing, I couldn’t help but notice the whole scene. The Glenn Jackson Bridge is in the distance, Washington on your right, Oregon on your left. Also, this is my…

Photo of the Day – Over and Over…

I have no idea why the fields are colored this way. Something they’re growing I guess. Sure, I did a little soft processing of this, but the color is true. Over and Over…. Crimson and Clover. Or something. 🙂

Photo of the Day – Cloud Storm

I am a HUGE Simpsons fan. I’m also a huge fan of interesting cloud formations in photos. They’re inspiring, I don’t know why, they just are. The other day, on my way home, I saw this rush of clouds and they were moving so fast I was afraid that I wasn’t going to snap the…

Photo of the Day – Breaking Through the Clouds

Taken on my way into work this morning. A great moment with a little sunshine, some clouds and some trees standing guard. With a little softening up, this photo turned out pretty nice I think.

Photo of the Day – Mount Hood Zoom

It’s been amazing and beautiful weather in Portland, Oregon. This photo, taken near the Portland International Airport is one of the many reasons I love living in Portland. This giant mountain stands pretty during the sunny weather.

Photo of the Day: Streaked Trees

Wow. It was raining hard when I took this photo. I couldn’t see through the window as the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult to make out the tree in the distance. These aren’t April showers, they’re May downpours.

Photo of the Day – Sunburst Storms

Looking out my window today, I noticed the rain coming down in droves. And through the streaks of rainwater I noticed this bright yellow tree. It seemed a great contrast.

Photo of the Day – Banded Storms

Taken in Portland the other day. There was this storm rolling in and the bands of rain were interesting. The spread of colors and rain were really exciting to me. …and to you, I hope.

Photo of the Day – After The Rain

Taken just moments after the storm passed through the area, the water was still running into the drains, and I saw this shot with all the colors and the dark grey clouds.