Quote of the Day – Robert Frost on Beginnings

Robert Frost is one of my favorite authors. “The road less traveled” is one that I consistently go back to. Today’s quote reflects the cycle we all go through: beginning, searching, finding, evaluating, legislating, and ending. You’re searching, Joe, for things that don’t exist; I mean beginnings. Ends and beginnings-there are no such things. –…

Quote of the Day – Phillip Roth…On Snow

Here in Portland, Oregon, we’ve woken up to tiny flakes falling from the skies again. We’re lucky to see snow once a year and usually in the DEPTHS of winter, but here it is, March 19th and it’s snowing, again. I’m sure there are many to blame for this abomination, but since I just got…

Photo of the Day: Winter Portland Snowfall 2008

There was a large snowstorm in 2008. Since Portland has no real way to deal with major snowfall. I was trapped in my home for 4 days. The roads were impassable. I took some photos to document it.

Photo of the Day: Winter Waterfall

Taken on a rather cold day in the Columbia Gorge, my friend and I found this pretty waterfall surrounded by foliage. I couldn’t help but be drawn in.